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Mark Foster Camp - Easter 2016

Some of the team at Southwark Aquatics were lucky to be able to attend the Mark Foster training camp after we received funding from St Saviors Charity.

Mark Foster is one of the most successful swimmers in British History. Mark and Katy Sexton MBE, the first British woman to win a World Championship title, share their winning techniques with the swimmers and give advice on strength and conditioning, nutrition and stroke technique for speed and endurance as well as motivating the swimmers and giving them self-belief.

All the swimmers really enjoyed the day and came away with some invaluable experiences:

"What I liked about the Mark Foster Camp is it was based on technique. I think the information that I was given will help me improve on my stroke technique therefore, improving my personal best times. From the experience, I was able to learn from a Mark Foster Camp coach that I needed to work on holding my streamline position for longer. The help the coaches gave was personal to each swimmer. I am grateful for the experience as I have been working on my streamline position every time I swim since the coach spotted it; I feel that my times will be improved as a result. As well as the camp, I was so excited to meet an Olympian and a world champion, Mark Foster has given me so much inspiration and motivation to go further with my swimming. "

- Shania, Aged 10

"I think the Mark Foster Camp really benefitted me in every way in my swimming. From the educational experience, I have taken on board appropriate and useful skills such as underwater and dives which have improved significantly as a result of Mark Foster teaching. As well as techniques in swimming I have also taken on land training drills and other stretches which is just as important as being in the pool. I highly recommend anyone who is into swimming to take on the Mark Foster Camp experience. "

- Alex, Aged 11

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