Head Coach​ - Mackinh


I have been involved with and committed to this team since 2010. My aim is to improve and refine the skills of our young swimmers and, even more importantly, develop their confidence in the water. I believe that anyone has the capability to become a great swimmer, what matters most is the effort that they put in.
I place great importance on demonstrating the correct technique for each stroke and ensuring it is always used, so that our swimmers are able to excel in the pool. The commitment they demonstrate in training will be matched by my commitment to them, and together we will challenge their abilities and keep pushing the limits of what they can achieve.

Our Coaches
Development Coach​ - Amy

I’m a Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher, a qualification I have held since 2016. After two years of teaching in leisure pools across Southwark, I landed the post of Swim Manager at Dulwich Leisure Centre. I got into coaching by starting as a volunteer. I had always wanted to go into coaching but didn’t believe I’d ever amass the knowledge required to do so. It was only after assisting at a session as a volunteer that I began to realise just how much I already knew – and how much more I wanted to learn. I continued to volunteer at Southwark Aquatics for a year, then last year the club funded me to take my Level 1 Assistant Coach, which I passed. 

Southwark Aquatics has a great sense of community and belonging, which has helped me find my feet in the club and continue to grow and improve as a coach. Working with kids is always inspiring – every swimmer is so different in their expectations of themselves, what they want from training sessions and their competitive edge. Supporting and guiding them through the ups and downs means you go on that journey to success together. It’s so rewarding.

Top Squad coach - Tony

I have been in coaching roles for a combined 8 years and been involved in various swimming clubs as coach and swimmer from the age of 7. 
My aim is to develop a complete competitive squad of county and regional swimmers, whilst maintaining high moral within the club for parents and swimmers alike.

I have been fortunate enough to work with and be coached by international coaches and I would love to give every swimmer the opportunities that I had. 
The memories, friendships, happiness and self confidence that a swimming club can provide is priceless, therefore my main aim is to ensure that every swimmer goes away with all of these things and more!