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Swimmers at the club can participate in galas from Club Time Trials through to individual galas, Surrey County Championships, London Regional Championships and National level. 

Gala Information

Club Time Trials


These trials are run on a regular basis and all club members should take part (free).


They are very valuable to the coaches in assessing the progress of swimmers. 


Times are informal and cannot be used to qualify for open galas.

Open Meets


These are licensed galas at levels 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Qualifying times (and fees) are required to enter.


Levels 3/4 have the slowest qualifying times (sometimes none) and levels 1/2 the fastest.


Times obtained can be used to qualify for Surrey County championships.  


Medals usually awarded to top 3 finishers in each event.


Swimmers can enter any event they meet the qualifying times for, but discuss with your coach if unsure.


For most galas swimmers must be at least 9  yrs old on competition date in order to compete.

Entry fees apply.

Team Meets


These are league format galas.  The club participates in the White Horse League (licensed).


Points awarded to each swimmer based on finishing position. Teams final standing in league is based on total accumulation of points from all swimmers.


Coaches will select swimmers to take to each gala.


If selected, swimmers should make themselves available to compete for the team.  Do not let your team mates down.


No fees required for selected swimmers.

Surrey County Championships


First level of competitive swimming.


Swimmers will be competing against other swimmers from clubs around Surrey county so competition is very high.


Held in February each year by Surrey ASA.



Qualifying times must be achieved from Licensed Meets achieved in last 9 months prior to closing date.



Events held in Surrey Sports Park, Crystal Palace national sports centre and London Aquatic Centre.



Swimmers must be 10 yrs old by Dec 31 in year of competition to be eligible (min age)



Entry fees apply.

London Regional Championships


This is next level up in the competitive swimming ladder.


London region comprises swimmers from clubs from the counties of Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and Kent


Held in May/June each year by London Swimming ASA.


Qualifying times are a notch up from county times and must be achieved in Licensed Meets in last 8 months.


Events held in Crystal Palace or London Aquatic Centre.


Swimmers must be 11 yrs old by Dec 31 in year of competition to be eligible (min age)


Entry fees apply.

National Championships


The ultimate goal of every swimmer.   


At this level, you are competing with the very best swimmers from around the UK.


Held in August each year by British Swimming ASA.


There are no qualifying times.  The top 24 swimmers for each age group and event (taken from ASA Rankings Database) will be invited to compete.


Events held in Sheffield Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.


Swimmers must be 12 yrs old by Dec 31 in year of competition to be eligible (min age)

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