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New Year with the Royals

After a short feastive break, its time for the swimmers to get back into action and with the county Championships less than a month away the team travelled down to Kingston to take part in the 2 day event held by Kingston Royals swimming club.

It does'nt look like the extra indulgence over the feastive period with all the turkeys, mince pies etc, has made too much of an impact on their performances as they put in some tremendous swims.

Special mention goes to Sophia who celebrated her 10th birthday over the weekend.

She sacrificed having a birthday party with friends and family to complete at the gala (now thats what I call dedication). And the sacrifice paid off as she got the perfect birthday present with a county time in the 100 Breast.

Shania in her first ever attempt at the 200 Fly was put in the top seeded heat due to incorrect entry times (again). In this event she raced Molly as well as other girls some who were twice her size.

However, yet again she was not daunted by the task and swam an amazing time to claim another county qualifying time. She also got county times in 200 Back, 200 Breast and 200 IM, registering massive PBs in the process.

Molly also swam brilliantly in the 200 Fly to obtained her first county time, well done!

In the boys 200 Fly, Charlie knocked a massive 31 secs off his PB to claim his first county time for this year.

Also county times for Alex and Jessie in the 200 Back and 50 Fly (respectively).

Connor set a new all time club record in the 400 IM as well as a new club record in the 200 Free for 16 yrs age group.

Alex also set two new club records for his age group in the 50 Breast and 100 IM.

There were also very good PBs from Marco, Megan and Ziville. Well done all!

A very good start to the new year by the swimmers, and lets hope its a start of a winning trend.

Many thanks to Tony and Simon who split the coaching duties over the two days and also thanks to Jovita for being poolside.


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