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London Region Championships 2017



Dates and Venues

29 - 30 April

1 May

London Aquatic Centre

Closing Date: 5th April 2017

Youth Championships

including 800m, 1500m Freestyle & Relays

Age Group Championships

London Aquatic Centre

Closing Date: 12th April 2017

13 & 14 May

Crystal Palace 

Closing Date: 12th April 2017

20 & 21 May

Closing Date

Closing date for entries will be 5th April (Youth) and 12th April (Age Groups).

Age Up Date

The age up date for the Championships is 31st December 2017.


Entry times must be from licensed meets Level 1, 2 or 3 achieved in the 12 months immediately preceding the closing date for the Championships.

Qualifying Times

Youth Meet conditions  >>>




Age Group Championships

Youth:            15, 16, 17+

Age Group:   11/12, 13, 14

(Age as at 31st Dec 2017)


Youth QT & CT (Long Course)   >>> 

Consideration Times (CT’s) are given for some ages / events.   These will be used only if the Qualifying Times do not give an adequate entry for a particular Age Group in a particular event.  
Swimmers should therefore target the Qualifying Times (QT's).

Youth Championship Programme >>>

Age Group Championship Programme >>>

Qualifying Times (Converted Short Course)   >>> 

Age Group QT & CT (Long Course)   >>> 

Age Group Meet conditions  >>>

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